Untimely talent
Alexander Repin
1.IX - 31.XI.2016

Innovation in art, especially in painting is the path chosen few. Going at unbeaten road, speak a language which incomprehensible to contemporaries are resign ourselves to the crowd jeers and criticism of reactionaries. Worse is in the silence about it. Any real talent is untimely
Andre Malraux
Everyone goes his own way in art, and this road is very difficult. This question haunts each of us a lifetime. It seems to me that even if even lucky enough to get closer to understanding just this one issue, it is not so little. And learn how to do it apparently, this requires one more life.
Alexander Repin

Real artist, of course does not work for some reason, or for someone else. It is in a constant creative process. He is engaged in painting because it is the most appropriate language to communicate with the world for him. It is in this language it is easier to express himself, his thoughts and feelings, a declaration of love, or to warn of the impending disaster. In his works the artist is himself. He may not be smarter or kinder of his work, because the result of his work is himself. The artist first responds to subtle, not yet conscious society, changes in the ethical and social aspects of life, this artist is the tuning fork of society.  Alexander Repin was such a tuning fork.

It is impossible to understand why a person decides to become a painter. What is the root cause? Perhaps, it is seen in the museum paintings by famous artists, in the case of Alexander Repin. Thousands of people passed by it, the painting liked them, but they did not wanted to do something like this or better what they have seen. Probably Alexander Repin has needed in a beautiful world and a desire to in painting was inside him. We agree with his postulate «art - it's a secret, to which the artist all his life is just trying to get closer."  Alexander Repin was involved in solving secret of art since 1943 and devoted to this search for more than 50 years.

In the biography and works of AI Repin, as in a mirror the history of the country from collectivization to the collapse of the USSRreflected. Artist saw all: cannibalization, fatherless and hunger, education in art school, war, again study, love and the birth of children, the "Ottepel" and the first successes at exhibitions, "Zastoi" and ideological reaction, rejection of creativity authorities and functionaries of the Union of Artists, creative opal and lack of money, uselessness, a return to the viewer, the disease and as a result, the death of a 72-year old.

True art is always like biography. It is impossible to separate the career of the author from his biography, the history of the country and the world. Alexander Repin started as a subtle lyricist, a follower of Isaac Levitan and the "Union of Russian Artists". Artist gradually changed his view of the world and the meaning of art after Second World War.

Many artists and veterans after the war began to write exclusively about nature. This was due to the fact that the war is impossible for the classic language.  Alexander Repin believed in his works there is always war.

Gradually, as a result of the quest, after meeting with the works of the artist post-impressionist artist began to produce its own pictorial language. Permanent creative search of styles and subjects has led the artist to extraordinary integrity in creativity and it developed their own pictorial language. Art has always been allegorical, and "signs" helps the viewer to understand idea of artist. Alexander said: "My main sign is a creative reinterpretation of nature. The artist comes to naturalism in imitation of reality. The artist comes to realism in conjunction with the sign of nature»

Being essentially a realist, Aleksandr Repin began to use the landscape just as an excuse to find a new plastic language. In the open air, he created compositions based on the landscape that surrounded him on all sides. In one work he was able to fuse the three, four, five landscapes that he had seen from a single point.

Master created of each new work as "the most important his work." Alexander never stopped searching of the most important areas of the fine arts. Questions of composition, color, and dramatic works excited him. In its program of work: "Kama" (1974), "Red Kama" (1982-85), "Rainbow" (1987), "Stone Belt" (1988-89) Alexander Repin rises to the level of Shakespeare's tragedy, creating epic sound. We cannot retell the words of 9th symphony Beethoven like storm in the ocean. We can only say that in each of these works, of course, there are deep philosophical subtext, perfect compositional and color and mystery of the Incarnation, to which the author was so eager.

Works of the artist were getting more brighter but the less they liked hudsovet and the authorities. Lack of socialist ideas have annoyed most of all in the works of Alexander Repin . After the scandalous exhibition of 1977, after only a week, works of Repin were forbidden to the show, the artist Repin has ceased to exist in the cultural space of the city, region, country ... In the history of Alexander Repin's most sad is the fact that the professional community did not supported fellow. A happy exception was the art Olga Vlasova and Alexander Dominyak. It is hard to imagine how Alexander Repin could maintain own creative independence. During the period of oblivion, which lasted nearly 10 years, the artist continued to work actively and seek, look, look. "I wrote the works, which is called abstract, but for me they are not abstract. They were built on the principle of the logical organization of space, and allowed to express some of the thoughts associated not only with short-term problems, "- wrote Repin in one of his letters.

Philosophical understanding of life has become an important theme in his works. Artist was troubling global issues: the environment, war and peace, the eternal confrontation between good and evil, light and darkness ... In October 1980, when the artist was branded "leper", his studio visited the eminent Russian art historian and art critic Anatoly Kantor. Alexander Repin well remembered about the meeting: "To my surprise Kantor with great curiosity and, perhaps, the goodwill has taken all works. I do not know how it sincerely, but he say that it is necessary to write about them and to show it. "

Here, perhaps, and all. After 1977, the artist had two personal exhibitions: in 1986 and 1995.   Alexander Repindied January 1, 1997

There are several aspects that distinguish the figure of the artist from the crowd "brothers in the shop" and it can put him on par with the biggest artists-philosophers of the XX century. Firstly, Repin raised substantial landscape plan at a whole new level.  Alexander Repin created canvases practically plot less, dynamic space, using filigree of line, plane, color and light in own works.

Secondly, Aleksandr Repin continued idea of Cezanne and the first in the Russian landscape painting began to actively use the technique of building space of spherical perspective. "Feeling of fusion between man and nature has left from the life in the XX century . With the help of traditional linear perspective it is difficult to transfer the amount of space that is able to absorb the soul of the artist, peering into the wild. Cezanne method helped me in the struggle with the photographic perspective. I think that the art of the twentieth century is marked by Cezanne. In his works, all constructed objects interact and shape and color. From the picture you cannot remove any one item. He gave artists an opportunity to think and to build, and not imitate nor nature nor the old masters. We can say that he opened the door to the compositional and scenic infinity. Cezanne sought to express the unity of the universe in his works. For this he needed a new, more capacious view of the surrounding nature "- wrote Alexander Repin.

Thirdly, the artist developed his principle of sign painting and unique language of symbols. By "sign" the artist understood symbol of connection with reality and the soul of the artist. Main Repin "signs" are a sharp triangles firs geometrically generalized forms of Ural rocks, the cross as a symbol of man. These forms will appear in addition to the author, as an unconscious inner necessity. Repin never complacent. The search for a new language, new expressive possibilities of art were his natural state. Surprisingly, 60 years after the appearance of the world and the Russian avant-garde cubist artist managed to re-open the original language and convincingly prove its right to exist.

And most importantly: always Repin's idea were closely with the of expressions in works which it embodies.

P.S. All work on the preservation of heritage and the memory of the artist was a family affair and private collectors. Since 2001, for 15 years, Gallery "Maris-Art" dedicated to the popularization of creativity Alexander Repin in the region and the country. In 2007, at the initiative of Igor Fomin was published the first album of the artist's work, which is called "The artist Alexander Repin". A large part of the edition of this publication was sent to the Russian museums and libraries. Thanks to the initiative of the Permian patron many people learned about the artist in the country. In 2009, in the Scientific Research Museum of the Academy of Arts, with the active assistance Fomin, was presented an exhibition of paintings by Alexander Repin was representing a remake of the infamous 1977 exhibition.  "... To do this we need another life." was called the exhibition. The exhibition project was highly appreciated by specialists and by lovers of fine art.

Vadim Zubkov